MFT sketch & a loving hog

This morning, my mind is a bit wrapped up in decisions to be made for the new year. I get the priviledge of leading a Bible study and have yet to discern which book we will be focusing on. While the study itself doesn’t start until February, I need to turn in my decision soon so the administrative work for it can take place. So many good choices  – so hard to choose!

greeting card MFT Hog Heaven

What does this have to do with cute pigs or card sketches? Nothing really, but if you think about it there are a lot of good choices and decisions to be made with those, as well!  😬 For this little piggy, I chose just a few Copics to add color. My goal was to make him look ‘speckled’; I’m imagining him on his way back from his mud-bath, content and ready for a snack. Hmmm… maybe a snack will help both of us make good decisions!

MFT Hog Heaven copic color chart


Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my silliness today! I’d love to hear if you find the Copic information  helpful. I like to keep notes of color combos used by other card makers and am hoping to pay-it-forward a bit, myself. Hope it blesses you!          – A

p.s. This card was created using MFT’s sketch # 465. Click the image of the sketch to be directed to their website for many wonderful samples.

Thank you for your visit and comment today!

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