Where are you?

Everything is up in the air right now. This can even be taken literally as I’m in an airplane on my way to California today. My hubs has an interview this afternoon, an interview that could result in a move across the country.

I’ve lived on the east coast of this great nation my entire life. Born in Florida to parents who legally immigrated here from other countries and have made a life here. Job training and random life incidents (no doubt orchestrated by God) led to a move to Georgia. The desire to be near family led to a few attempts to move back to Florida, but it never worked out for them, so they – we – always returned to Georgia.

I won’t complain. One of those moves to Florida resulted in meeting my wonderful husband. My family and then he ended up back in Georgia where we married. He and I moved to back to Florida right after our boys were born and have loved living in our smallish coastal community for the last 19 years. Opportunities to go elsewhere have popped up over the years, but they were never compelling enough to lift stakes and try anywhere else. But as we enter a new season of life, with our boys now in/starting college, all of that may be about to change.

There’s so much to consider. Every aspect of what is important to me has been playing like a much-played cassette through my mind. Part of me resists the very idea of playing this “moving” cassette again. I’ve already heard it 23 times. But for my husband and with a lot of faith and trust in God, I mentally push the tape back in and consider the possibilities. As I sift through the what-ifs, hopes and fears, I’m trying to be open to the opportunities change, even just possible change, can bring.

Some parts of this cassette are easier to “hear”; I know the lyrics of my mind and heart well enough to sing with boldness. They still ring true. Other parts of what I’m hearing didn’t really speak to me before. I listen… does it fit my life now? And then there are the parts that slow down a bit and get a little sticky. I’ve been there so long, they have been such a part of me that the tape is a bit worn. Do I skip over it or take the time to re-align the tape and listen closely to see if, like the tape, adjustments are necessary? Have I even been singing the right lyrics?


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